Citadel Energy's Pembroke SWD
Oilfield Waste Management Services
Freshwater Services & Provisioning

Freshwater Services

Citadel Energy's experience with water systems & relationships with land owners, allows us to provide reliable, consistent services to oil producers & transportation companies in need of fresh water for the fracking process & well maintenance. Our water depots & natural freshwater sites are strategically located to minimize time and cost associated with moving water to drill sites.
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Saltwater Disposal

Citadel Energy’s saltwater disposal facilities are available for saltwater and incidental non-hazardous oil and gas waste disposal. Our experienced geologists and proven technical team strategically identify each location, and design each facility with the environment, safety and convenience of our clients and communities in mind.
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Oilfield Waste Management

Drilling, Fracking, Acidizing & Foaming generate liquid waste that contain solids, oil and highly acidic waste water. At Citadel Energy, we remove the solids, recover the oil & neutralize the water on site, making the water reusable for truck wash-outs and other industrial uses. This process increases oil capture, reduces the costs associated with hauling liquid waste and improves safety.
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